Camp Activities

Camp activities vary from each campground, but these are some examples of the experiences which Camp HLC provides:


Outdoor Climbing Wall:  Students develop self-confidence through a personally challenging activity. With encouragement from trained instructors and classmates, students climb to reach their goal. There is an emphasis on personal achievement, not height climbed.


Action Socialization Experience (A.S.E., i.e. Low Ropes): Students learn the importance of group cooperation and gain listening and teamwork skills while overcoming a series of physical and mental challenges on our low ropes course. 


High Ropes Course (zip line):  With trained staff, students will challenge themselves by executing the high ropes course, which includes a multi-line traverse, incline log, Burma bridge and zip line. (For ages 12+)


Ridge Hike:  Take the opportunity to hike up a mountain, 1500' above sea level, and enjoy the breathtaking views and the surrounding area. Along the hike, we will discuss various points of interest.

Giant Swing:  The giant swing is an activity in which the participant wears a harness and helmet, climbs a few steps up a ladder and is hooked into two cables and a rope. The participant holds onto part of the rope and is pulled into the air with the help of the other members of the group. The participant then counts down and releases the rope (still hooked onto the cables, of course) and swings through the air. This activity takes place at the edge of the lake, and although not actually swinging over the lake, the sensation is that you are swinging over the lake.


Tie Dye:  Students can tie dye a t-shirt, pillowcase or any other clothing item!


Candle Making:  Students create hand dipped candles, as well as discuss colonial life prior to electricity.


Night Hike:  A walk in into the night opens up children’s senses and perceptions to night life. Various sensory awareness activities are designed to explore the potential of the other senses in a nocturnal environment.


Stream Ecology:  Students will work together to discover the inhabitants of a stream habitat. Through discussion, collection, and identification, students unearth the diversity and interrelationships that are found within the stream.


Campfire: Camp staff will lead students in song and storytelling. They will sing silly songs and roast marshmallows!

Canoeing/Boating: The older children will have the chance to canoe, along with at least 2 adult volunteers. Additionally, the younger children will have the opportunity to go boating in a large, flat motorboat driven by a trained counselor.