HLC Chats With... Shana O'Byrne!

Shana O'Byrne is a graduate from James Madison University. She plans to attend graduate school in 2020 to become an Occupational Therapist. Some of her hobbies include traveling and dancing! She is a volunteer for HLC and loves working with Cara and Jodi. She has also had the opportunity to observe Occupational Therapy for ALS patients at the ALS Hope Clinic in Philadelphia.

(HLC): Do you have a nickname? How did you get it?

(SO): No.

(HLC): What is your favorite childhood memory?

(SO): My favorite childhood memory is going to Friendly’s with my grandparents after school to get ice cream sundaes. They would take us to Friendly’s every time my sister and I had a half day. Since then my grandfather has passed away and my grandmother lives with my family. I am grateful to have these wonderful memories with them.

(HLC): Camp HLC is one of our wonderful programs. Have you ever attended summer camp? If yes, what was your favorite memory about camp?

(SO): Yes I have attended summer camp when I was a child. My favorite memory was bonding with kids and making new friends. I have not attended Camp HLC yet but would like to in 2020 when they have a camp in New Jersey.

(HLC): Who is your favorite musician?

(SO): I love so many genres and musicians but some of my favorites are Counting Crows and Mumford and Sons.

(HLC): Do you have a pet companion? If so, please share his/her name and what you love most about him/her.

(SO): Yes I have a cocka-poo named Chase who is 14 years old. I love how he is always happy to see me whenever I come home. Chase has one eye so his nickname is Winky.

(HLC): People would be surprised to know that...  (cool fact about you!) 

(SO): I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie. When I turned 18 years old I insisted the first thing I do is go skydiving. I have also gone zip lining through the mountains of Montana and snorkeled with sharks in Hawaii. I plan to go skydiving again many more times.

(HLC): What is one thing you can share with others about resilience and adversity?

(SO): It takes resilience to face adversity. When facing adversity, it's important to look for the positive outcome of a difficult situation and realize the experience will make you stronger.

(HLC): What's your go to person, book, or movie for inspiration?

(SO): Someone who inspires me every day is my mom. My mom is an Oncology nurse at Capital Health Medical Center. She cares for the sick daily and her heart is filled with kindness and compassion. I aspire to be like her one day.

(HLC): If you have a go to resource (website, blog, etc...) that you think would help others, please share it!

(SO): I have always loved phone applications for meditation. (Headspace, Calm, Breathe) Meditation can help reduce stress, positively impact your mood and helps you become self-aware. Even if you take 5 minutes a day to meditate it can make a huge difference in your emotional and mental health.

(HLC): Share something that you want others to know about ALS...

(SO): There is great need for continuing research and support for ALS. It is a disease that still does not have a cure. As a loved one progresses with ALS it is important to remember they are still the person that you know and love.

Thank you Shana for participating in HLC Chats With and for everything you do for Hope Loves Company!

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