Happy Birthday, Hope Loves Company!

Happy 7th  Birthday Hope Loves Company!

Every birthday is a reason to celebrate and give thanks; Hope Loves Company's birthday is no exception.

On October 9th, 2012, after nearly two years of phone calls, extensive paperwork, and many signed certified letters, Hope Loves Company became an approved 501C3 nonprofit.

I remember walking out of the post office, with the congratulation letter in hand, feeling like I had just won the lottery. My dream of forming the only nonprofit in the U.S. with the mission of supporting children whose lives have been affected by ALS, was then a reality. The idea of supporting children in this unique way produced a smile that I still wear every day when I arrive at the Hope Loves Company office.

I am not sure where 7 years have gone, but in that time, with the help of many caring people and organizations, I can tell you what we have been able to accomplish, all free of charge, to the families we serve:

We started the conversation of how ALS affects children in the family and began researching ways to support those children.

We have six hosted family fun days.

We have hosted 23 Camp HLCs in seven states.

We have mailed more than 1200 children's books that gently explain ALS.

We have mailed more than 300 Hugs of Hope care packages across the nation and beyond, to other counties.

We have spent countless hours on the phone with both caregivers and people living with ALS who needed to reach out and talk to someone who understood, at that moment.

We have shared our mission and educated thousands of teachers, students, parents and more in the U.S, Ireland, Italy,  and Iceland.

We have loved every child we have met and have done our best to make our families and children feel supported, cherished and valued.

This 7th birthday brings great joy and great hope for what's to come.