HLC Chats With Kayley Anthony

Kayley Anthony is a marketing intern at Hope Loves Company. She is currently a junior at The College of New Jersey completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing. She is from Middletown NJ, where she enjoys going to the beach, exercising, and spending time with her family and friends. She is eager to learn more about ALS and hopes to possibly join us for a future HLC Camp!

(HLC): Do you have a nickname? How did you get it?

(KA): The most common nickname I have been given throughout my life is “Kay.” It originated from many coaches I had throughout the sports I played, and it ended up sticking with many of my family and friends.

(HLC): What is your favorite childhood memory?

(KA): My favorite childhood memory would definitely be my family’s summer vacations to North Carolina. The best year was when my extended family and friends came, and we rented a big house in the Outer Banks. We had the best time swimming, fishing, and just enjoying one another’s company.

(HLC): Camp HLC is one of our wonderful programs. Have you ever attended summer camp? If yes, what was your favorite memory about camp?

(KA): YMCA Camp Bernie located in Port Murray, NJ, was my favorite camp that I attended as a child. I went during the “Cadettes” stage of my Girl Scout journey. My favorite memory was climbing to the top of the rock wall and getting a bull's-eye during archery!

(HLC): Who is your favorite musician?

(KA): Narrowing it down to one would be nearly impossible. My top 3 would probably be Billy Joel, Khalid, and Bazzi.

(HLC): Do you have a pet companion? If so, please share his/her name and what you love most about him/her.

(KA): I have an 8-year-old cockapoo named Ellie. One of my favorite things about her is that regardless of what age she turns, she is always playful and energetic like a puppy!

(HLC): People would be surprised to know that...  (cool fact about you!) 

(KA): I was born in South Korea. I was adopted at 5 months old and have been living with my loving parents and older brother Billy ever since.

(HLC): What is one thing you can share with others about resilience and adversity?

(KA): It certainly takes strength and resilience to overcome adversity, and it becomes a much simpler task when you realize that you don’t have to go through it alone. It took me a while to realize that it is OK to ask for help. Find support within the friends and family around you, they are there for you and they want to help.

(HLC): What's your go to person, book, or movie for inspiration?

(KA): My go to person for inspiration is my grandma, Mary Murray, pictured above. My grandma takes every challenge head-on and has always encouraged me to do the same. She finds light and positivity in any situation and I am so grateful that she is still in my life.

(HLC): If you have a go to resource (website, blog, etc...) that you think would help others, please share it!

(KA): I do not currently have a go-to online resource, but there is an app I use on my apple watch called “Breathe”. It sends alerts throughout the day reminding you to stand up, stretch, and to just take a second to breathe!

(HLC): Share something that you want others to know about ALS...

(KA): A major lesson that I’ve learned throughout my short time here at Hope Loves Company is that the impact of ALS does not singularly affect the patient. The need for support extends to the entire family, which is one of the reasons I am proud to have joined Hope Loves Company and their inspiring mission.

Thank you Kayley for participating in HLC Chats With and for joining our mission at Hope Loves Company. We are so excited to have you on our team!

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