HLC Chats With... Lydia Shirley

Lydia Shirley is the Administrative Assistant at Hope Loves Company. She studied at Rider University with a BA in Arts Administration and Theatre, and a certificate in Leadership. She currently serves as a board member for the New Jersey Chapter of the Educational Theatre Association (New Jersey Thespians). She loves all things regarding social media, organizing, dogs, and coffee. Read on to learn more about a very important member of the Hope Loves Company team!

(HLC): Do you have a nick name? How did you get it? (LS): Sometimes people call me "Lyds" or "Shirley." Otherwise, I have never been given a nick name. "Lydia" is cool.

(HLC): What is your favorite childhood memory?

(LS): My favorite childhood memory would definitely be the annual trips to New Jersey we would take to visit the rest of my family on the Jersey Shore. We would go to the zoo, go to a party, even go see a Broadway show. The best part of the trip would be the big beach trip where we sat at the beach all day and played in the sand and ate subs. We would then go to the boardwalk all night to eat ice cream, go on rides, and play at the arcade. It's interesting to see how a place changes when you go from being a tourist to a local.  (HLC): Camp HLC is one of our wonderful programs. Have you ever attended summer camp? If yes, what was your favorite memory about camp?

(LS): When I was little, I attended day camp for cheerleading for a few years. I sadly never got that overnight, fishing, singing by the campfire, summer camp experience. I hope that sometime in the future I might be able to experience Camp HLC. Then I will be able to make some of my own summer camp memories. 

(HLC): Who is your favorite musician?

(LS): I honestly cannot choose one. Taylor Swift, Lorde, BTS, and Troye Sivan are some of my favorites. I also love listening to musicals. I love listening to Spring Awakening, Heathers, Cabaret, and Shrek the Musical, but please don't make me choose a favorite!

(HLC): Do you have a pet companion? If so, please share his/her name and what you love most about him/her. (LS): I sadly have no pet companion at the moment. My future pet companion is a dachshund or corgi named Zelda or Hamlet. They will be wonderful and quite loved.

(HLC): People would be surprised to know that...  (cool fact about you!) (LS): I have performed on stage at Radio City Music Hall for the Radio City Christmas Spectacular! (HLC): What is one thing you can share with others about resilience and adversity? (LS): Just keep going. Breathe. Have a cup of tea. Pet a dog. Take care of yourself. You can get through it.

(HLC): What's your go to person, book, or movie for inspiration? (LS): I really enjoying reading books for inspiration. Books are like small little worlds that allow you to escape, dream, or travel, without leaving your cozy chair! I definitely prefer to read nonfiction books over fiction. I love learning about new topics or expanding my expertise on subjects in my area of study. (HLC): If you have a go to resource (website, blog, etc...) that you think would help others, please share it!

(LS): My favorite resource to share with people is definitely The Financial Diet (https://thefinancialdiet.com/). The Financial Diet is a financial literacy blog that has a plethora of amazing articles. As a high school student, college student, or young adult, it is a great source to check out to learn how to grow as a person and how to be smart with your money. (HLC): Share something that you want others to know about ALS... (LS): I am proud to be in the position to use my experiences to help make your day just a little bit easier. I am happy to help Hope Loves Company serve their mission. As for something I want to share, I have learned that there is a strong online community for families affected by ALS. Definitely reach out, connect, and make friends. They might make your life a little easier. You never know who could share your story.

Thank you Lydia, for being an incredibly important part of the Hope Loves Company team, for participating in HLC Chats With, and for all that you're doing to make a difference in the ALS community. We are so fortunate to have Lydia at HLC!

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